Turkish students visited İŞ Bank and its museum. They had opportunity to compare banks at past and at present.  They learnt when it was established and whom it was established by, which way was followed in the development process. They saw that advertisements were used from the past and given money boxes to kids. They saw development of bank system from past to future, how to keep important indentures and how to open rented boxes. For example they learnt that ıf you rent a box from bank, it has two keys; one belong to who rent it, and other one belong to bank officer. It cannot open with one key. Both of them have to come together and then it can be opened. And students answered questions which museum officer asked while passing to each museum section.   


After visiting, they participate a workshop about establish of a company, produce of a product, product sale. They learnt counts which they will need at the step of establishment of a company. And they also designed a logo for their company.



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