Students of the class 4D marked the Day of Games at the library of the town of Čakovec. This date is important for all children. Games are important for all people, especially children.

We rest our brains from daily efforts and obligations when we are playing games. We also learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. There are many different games and ways in which we can play them.

When we play with friends we get to know each other better. We also learn how to be tolerant. It is also useful to learn the skill of collaborative work. Through games we learn how to accept defeat but also how to win.


Librarian Blaška and psychologist Berta taught us these things at the library. We knew many things even from before. We gained a lot of knowledge about games at schools but also in our everyday playing. Still, it is good to be reminded of some things we forgot. Of course, we also played there. The librarian taught us how to play with books. The psychologist taught us how to get to know our parents better by imitating them in their obligations. In the end we started to play.

We shared toys in groups and started playing. We played with iPods in one of the lessons. We learned how to play Tangram. Through this game we were developing concentration and attention. By working in pairs, we were able to compete and also learn how to be tolerant. We continued the game in the following lesson.

This time we were taught by young architects from Međimurje Association of Architects. We created a model of a fictional city with them. We split into four groups and we made everything we needed for the model: buildings, trees, bridges, playgrounds, airplanes at airports etc.

We learned that adults like to play this game, too. Jobs can sometimes be a game if we do the job we love.



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