Pupils from class 4D celebrated Days of Bread in cooperation with Čakovec mills. We were guests in their Play café.

The manager showed us a presentation of breadmaking in all the phases of the production. The whole drive is computerized and there are only few jobs that are still done manually. It was interesting for pupils to watch robots move bread from one process to another. They saw how the lines on the upper side of the bread are made for the first time. It's one of the rare jobs that is not computerized and the baker manually manages it. Still, they are so handy and quick that the students were really impressed by their skill.


The technician at Čakovec mills showed us which kinds of grains are used for making flour in Međimurje. We saw corn, wheat and rye flour. We have also learned that wheat is produced by several types of flour: white, semi-white and whole wheat.

After learning theoretical knowledge, we went to the practical part. We literally rolled up our sleeves and attached the aprons. The prepared dough awaited us. With the detailed and useful instructions of the technicans we went to make our own rolls. Each roll was unique. We made various kinds of pastry and even a healthy pizza.

While waiting for our pastries to bake, we had a break with the popular healthy Play café hot dog and we played in their multi-purpose playroom. We came back to school with new knowledge and full of beautiful experiences. We realised that teaching doesn't always have to be in the classroom and that there are a lot of ways to learn something new.

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