We started the robotic lessons. We bought Arduinos and it’s equipment with the Project management budget. And each Thursday, we study on it.  We have some ideas…. While learning coding, we try to develop our product idea’s protypes which will be exhibited 29th of May. 


We made auto light when it gets dark, it lights automatically.  We have studied on other below ideas as protype,

    • Smart slipper (the light will be fixed on the slippers, when you wear them at night, it will light automatically)
    • Smart Fan (It works like climate but it is more healthy)
    • MayAlarm (when homemade yogurt is leavening, the degrees is too important. It will warn us when the milk is ready to leaven. )
    • Smart Color-Mate (It will say the colors, this is designed for blind people.)
    • Smart electricity waste warning system (these system warn us if Electric is wasted)
    • Auto Umbrella (when it is rainy, it opens automatically.)

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