The challenge of entrepreneurship as a goal of the YEA , Young Entrepreneurs in Action Project, was put to the students of the Agrupamento de Escolas de Vale de Ovil, Baião, in Portugal, and ideas began to emerge. From the most complex, as services to the population in the area of radio and the cinema to the simplest ones related to the creation of simple products the proposals were varied.

The fact that we are at the beginning and we want to develop entrepreneurship and financial literacy in young people, we decided to encourage students to take the steps to create a company that creates and sells a very simple product.


Thus emerges the project called YEA(H) Cookies, which consists of the production and marketing of cookies. All stages of the company creation process will be simulated as if it were a real context. Tasks and competences will be assigned to different departments such as production, financial or marketing.

From idea to practice are several steps through which you need to go. In this sense, we promoted last March a workshop on cooking and pastry techniques with the goal to creating the product. Several types of biscuits with different ingredients were created following the acceptance tests of the product within the school population.

It was with great enthusiasm that the participants approached the workshop and the expectation for the next steps is promising. This is action! This is ERASMUS +.

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