On 7th March 2018, a businessman from Cerignola, Francesco Montingelli, came to our school. He is a man who loves his job. Mister Montingelli  talked students about the importance of education that goes beyond our future choices. He asked them what their future hopes are and how they can make them come true. Later, he told his story; he said that when he was younger  he went to Rome in order to study and he began to act in the theatre ; when he realized that his passion could become a real job he began to develop some projects that  could be supported

at national and European level. His early successes  encouraged him and he succeeded in founding  a private party planning and entertainment agency . Now, he is glad because he is giving young people the possibility to work in different  resorts in the Gargano area during the summer  and he, usually, organizes every type of concert and meeting. Besides, he talked about the bureaucracy of his business and he explained the importance of making good decisions. Thanks to this interesting meeting, students had the possibility to confront this young

businessman and to understand their personal dreams and future hopes. They were very pleased and when Mister Montingelli asked students  what the most important aspects defining a good businessman are, they answered that passion, creativity and expertise represent the right elements for a good result! When I grasped a sense of happiness in their eyes I felt a deep  satisfaction in myself as a teacher!



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