The children of the Children's Forum Zmajici went to a fun job, but also an attempt for serious business and financial gain. You must know the card game called Black Peter (Schwarzer Peter). This is the most widespread childrens play in the world. The aim of the game is to release the cards as soon as possible and to keep Black Pet in your hand. The cards are equally distributed to all players. Then everyone who has the same two cards (the same sign with the same) puts them on the table. The first player draws a map from the neighbors and if he has another pair he is released ... and so on. There is no winner but there is a loser, and that is the one where Black Peter is kept. Our maps are made and painted with European flags, and on the back are decorated with a small symbol. Play as a game ... loser is uncertain and it all depends on happiness. We will give maps to students of partner schools participating in ERASMUS projects and sell them at the next humanitarian fair for the students of our school.
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