Students of 3rd and 4th grade renewed old pans for displaying works of art and posters. Instead of buying new ones, they decided to rebuild old pans. Since the surface of the pan was damaged, it was necessary to repair these damage. They were done using silicone. The panes were then bandaged to prepare them for coloring. Two coats were painted in white and three times acrylic paint. These works lasted for a dozen days because the panels had to be dried every time after painting. This job was done in the basement of the school, because it needed plenty of space, but also because of the nature of the job, where the space was sloppy. They learned how to use color rollers and how to evenly apply paint to the substrate. They were assisted by the schoolmasters of Zdravko school and the teachers of Snježana and Slavica.
They plan to refurbish garbage and waste bins and make school crates for boxing by cutting technique. They want to replace old used items instead of buying new ones. In this way, they will be stimulated to learners besides creative and visual expression, developing awareness of the reuse of objects and reducing waste. It will also develop the ability to arrange space and enhance the classroom space through its own work activities.
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