Local Activities


Pupils from class 4D celebrated Days of Bread in cooperation with Čakovec mills. We were guests in their Play café.

The manager showed us a presentation of breadmaking in all the phases of the production. The whole drive is computerized and there are only few jobs that are still done manually. It was interesting for pupils to watch robots move bread from one process to another. They saw how the lines on the upper side of the bread are made for the first time. It's one of the rare jobs that is not computerized and the baker manually manages it. Still, they are so handy and quick that the students were really impressed by their skill.



Students of the class 4D marked the Day of Games at the library of the town of Čakovec. This date is important for all children. Games are important for all people, especially children.

We rest our brains from daily efforts and obligations when we are playing games. We also learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. There are many different games and ways in which we can play them.

When we play with friends we get to know each other better. We also learn how to be tolerant. It is also useful to learn the skill of collaborative work. Through games we learn how to accept defeat but also how to win.



Turkish students visited İŞ Bank and its museum. They had opportunity to compare banks at past and at present.  They learnt when it was established and whom it was established by, which way was followed in the development process. They saw that advertisements were used from the past and given money boxes to kids. They saw development of bank system from past to future, how to keep important indentures and how to open rented boxes. For example they learnt that ıf you rent a box from bank, it has two keys; one belong to who rent it, and other one belong to bank officer. It cannot open with one key. Both of them have to come together and then it can be opened. And students answered questions which museum officer asked while passing to each museum section.   



A group of students from our school visited a bank institution (BPI) in our town last 12th December, in the afternoon. We are in an Erasmus project called YEA – Young Entrepreneurs in Action, and so we decided to visit a bank to know how this type of institution works.

At first, the bank was contacted and accepted to have our young entrepreneurs to visit it. The group was very excited to know a bit more about the way things work on a bank. We were very well received by all the employees and we had also a marketing technician to be with us to explain a lot of things.  We have seen all the facilities, everything was explained and our students made a lot of interesting questions.



First Primary School Čakovec, the largest and oldest school in Međimurje, is also one of the leading Croatian schools in the application of information communication technology in teaching. One of the first twenty e-schools in Croatia and among the few schools in Croatia for the fourth year in a row actively using the iPad lab in teaching. For success on the way to become the school for the 21 century, teachers who readily accept new challenges with the support of the headmaster Siniša Stričak are most precious. A dozen teachers are continually improving applying technology in a contemporary and innovative manner enriching the teaching process with cutting edge add-ons, robots and other similar devices.



As part of the Erasmus project, the pupils of class 4B spoke about the skills needed for work. Children are now growing up in the safety of their rooms equipped with a computer, Play Station, a cell phone that teaches them in a fast, easy-to-access entertaining way, but sometimes with too little imagination and creativity. We encourage them to learn as much as possible, take them to additional activities that will give them the necessary knowledge.

With that best intentions, we sometimes forget about the skills and competences that should be developed since early childhood. Today's pupils will not have the opportunity to develop them because no one sets such demands before them.



On November 28th 2017 started the first laboratory of the YEA project , it was about the piggy banks. During time of in-depth study Prof. Forte explained to the boys they would build piggy banks that would be the symbol of savings to put into practice our idea of business. The boys listened to the explanation carefully and then we started the work. 8 piggy banks were built and students worked in groups of three. They built the structure through a model card and then decorated the piggy banks with symbols of savings. In the end,  they colored them and they went on to paste all the work. The activity was followed with great enthusiasm and interest and it lasted about four hours.




The Turkish students with special needs also participated our project. And they painted stones and designed their own tableau with these painted stones. They exhibited them at school garden at the International Day of person with Disability. It was another aim is to make awareness about persons with disability with their products. And it was before the happy mother day when was good choose to sell them!